History of Cafe Bel Etage

Company Profile: llycafé

The company Illy Café is located on the shore of Lake Zurich in the city of Thalwil in Switzerland. It was founded in 1939 in Thalwil by Carlo Seitz, Roberto Hausbrandt and Francesco Illy. Today the company is run by a second generation; Riccardo Seitz and his director Erich Isler. Although Dr. Ernesto Illy, (Francesco’s son)  resigned from the company in the 1960s, the Swiss Illycafé retained rights to the brand Illy. For decades,  now Illy is known in Switzerland not only for a quality coffee roasted according to Italian tradition, but is also the epitome of Swiss espresso culture.

Illycafé Switzerland imports about 700 tons of green coffee beans annually from the best plantations in the world. From this black gold comes about 70 million cups of brewed delight. Professionals select the Arabica beans to create unique blends that are sold at the best hotels and restaurants and of course to discerning private clients throughout Switzerland.


Brand Profile: Cafe Bel Etage

The name Bel Etage has to do with the “upper offices” or those occupied by "C" level executives where the expectations for a quality product are huge and you are ready to pay a little more for an excellent coffee to be served in the “upper offices”.  

In close analogy to this idea is that Bel Etage coffee is of the finest quality, with a superior flavor for people who know what good coffee is and really need the best quality to enjoy a coffee break.


Cafe Bel Etage in the United States

Cafe Bel Etage is imported into the United States exclusively through Silver Service Refreshements Inc of Centennial, CO. Click here for more information about Silver Service.


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