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Café Bel Etage

It’s a passion for flavor and the alluring aroma of an alley café in Zurich. It’s an appreciation for artisan-like care in the roasting process and a desire for exceptional coffee.

That experience is Café Bel Etage

Years of Roasting Excellence

Café Bel Etage was founded in 1939 and has an 80+ year history of roasting ideal coffee for consumers

Coffee Regions

Café Bel Etage is sourced from five separate coffee growing regions

Arabica Coffee Beans

Only 100% Arabica beans are selected for Café Bel Etage in order to achieve this unique blend of coffee

Bel Etage Coffee

An exquisite pure blend of Arabica full-bodied coffee harvested from small haciendas in the Central American highlands, South America, East Africa and along the Malabar Coast of India
Café Bel Etage is ideal for espresso and drip coffee makers.

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Bel Etage Tasting Gallery

Simple guidelines for brewing the perfect cup.

Silver Service Consulting

If you are an independent coffee shop owner, feel free to call us for our advisory services. We welcome the opportunity to share our 30+ years of beverage experience, our insights and expertise.

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